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Do you need a reliable provider of pathology services? Acculabs Diagnostics has successfully negotiated contracts with many Primary Care Groups across the UK. Find out why.

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- Payment for all laboratory costs including all staff/pathologists

- Provision of capital requirements

- Central management support services

- Support from Acculabs National Reference Laboratory

- Introduction of laboratory information

Our service options

If you are interested in using our fast, accurate and effective service then please do not hesitate to contact the laboratory to speak to a member of the Acculabs team. We are happy to provide you with our highly competitive prices or any additional information.

Interested in using us for your Pathology Testing?

Whether you are representing a private clinic, an NHS clinic, a GP or other healthcare provider, we can create a bespoke service to cover your pathology testing needs.

We provide a bespoke service

The highest standards of quality control

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