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For accurate sexual health screening, call today

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Our main priority is to ensure a rapid accurate turnaround of results to enable prompt treatment of patients and to assist in the prevention of STI transmission.

All tests are carried out using the most sensitive and specialised procedures in the market today to ensure that our results are highly accurate and entirely reliable.

Results you can be sure of

• Dedicated Sexual Health Laboratory and staff operating up to 16 hours per day

• Our own couriers available to ensure reliable and timely collections of samples from around the country

• Secure IT interfacing with clinics to speed up transfer of results, data transfer, laboratory requests, and other statistical data required to satisfy contract requirements

• Variety of other results services including SMS to patients' mobiles

Sexual Health at Acculabs Diagnostics

Acculabs in Partnership with Award Winning Clamelle

Acculabs Diagnostics has established a joint programme with the pharmaceutical company Actavis and the National Pharmacy Association (NPA). Actavis has recently launched the innovative Chlamydia testing service, Clamelle, in participating pharmacies across the UK.


For more information on Clamelle, visit